Tuesday, March 20, 2018


Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to me. Happy Birthday everybody . We celebrate  four out of five Birthdays in the month of March .. so needless to say ... It is a busy time. Please come in and join us.

Today I’m looking up recipes for cakes and tea  ... My Hubby leaves tomorrow  for three weeks so he does need alittle TLC.... It’s time to celebrate !!!

Well, I decided on a delicious “ Mint’  tea ... from the “ Mighty Leaf” collection which I buy online. (mightyleaf.com) It’s an organic, whole leaf tea with no caffeine.  I first tried it in the Air Canada VIP Lounge  and immediately fell in love with it’s refreshing  flavour and  lingering aroma.  

Since whole leaves need room to open and expand, the Mighty Leaf Company has created a large pyramid shaped silk bag for the tea to express itself through... 
It is truly a luxurious blend that is quite unforgettable.

SO I  best get on with  preparing the brew. 

Hubby’s birthday is March 17th so  he thinks  that he is Irish
( Ha Ha) since his Birthday falls on St. Patrick’s Day ... In celebration,  I decided to pull out the “Belleck”.  

I’ve always admired Belleck Pottery for it's ethereal look. Often, I wondered what makes it so different from other porcelains, so I did a little research and discovered that it is indeed a special 
 Parian ware that is a type of bisque porcelain imitating marble.

Belleck was developed around 1845 by the Staffordshire Pottery manufacturer “Mintons" and named after Paros, the Greek Island renowned for it’s refined texture and white Parian marble, which has been used since antiquity for sculptures.  In pottery,  it is prepared into a liquid form that can be caste into a mold, enabling mass production.

 What I love most about this pottery, is the thinness and slightly iridescent surface that it displays. Of course, it’s not everyones’ favourite ‘cup of tea’ ( Ha Ha ) but isn’t it  beautiful !!!

I must admit to being a little apprehensive about pouring tea into such delicate looking vessel, but then I thought ... What are teacups for? Actually, this pottery is not as delicate as it looks. 
Go ahead and have another sip. 
  Oh my ... I do hope that you are going to enjoyed your cup of tea (Ha Ha)

Please ... Be sure to save room for a piece of  Black Forest cake. 

OK ... Time to sing and blow out the candles. I don’t think Kim will have much trouble with that task!!!

Goodness ... Look who else wants a piece of the  cake .( Ha Ha)

It’s “ Simon” the Squirrel.

He’s a curious little fellow who is  always chittering and chattering when company arrives ... or maybe he came to wish Kim a HAPPY BIRTHDAY !!!  

attending the

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Tuesday, March 13, 2018


"The March do blow and we shall have snow" ...  and four Birthdays this month ... It's time to shovel the walks, get to    wearing’ the Green ... and start partying.

               We’re on our third snow storm in seven days.
                   This is the overhang on the front porch.

Can you believe that, the snow is up to the rooftops on many of our neighbours houses.

Alternatively, I can still appreciate the “ BEAUTY " of Winter which encourages us all to enjoy a lovely, warm cup of tea .

My husband always brings me little gifts when he travels... He knows what I like !!!!

Everything tea ... Isn’t this a cute little tea strainer!!!!
Today is the first time that I’m using and sharing it with you, my dear friends. I used a 1/4 tsp times three to fill the vessel ... so, I guess, that makes, at least 5- 6 cups of delicious tea, depending on the size of your teacup. 


 Loose leafed "Earl Grey" is the pick of the day ... Hey Hey !!! Please Join me!!!!

OMG ... I forgot to tell you about my $6.00 purchase at Value Village. " TAH DAH"... I call this teapot  “Penelope" for her plain colors and winsome design . 

Small, cute and PERKY .... That sturdy little handle really does make it easy for pouring.
Good things do come in small packages.

I also frequent the Medical Hospice Store, buying clip earrings for my mother, who is in the Veteran's Nursing Home. Most  recently, I found  this  ‘darling’ little teaset ... hanging amongst the bigger, bully cup girls ... WELL ... I just snapped her up for
 $ 3.00 and said “ nah, nah, nah" to those Bully Babe Teacups because online she is a collector's item priced at $56.00.
Too much fun !!!

She’s a dainty little Royal Winton/Grimwades ( 1886-1900 )  that hums with humility and Sweet Peas ... I’ve tried and tried to grow Sweet Peas ... but they do need the proper location. This year I’m determined ... to grow these precious  flowers. Does anyone have planting advice?  
Anyways  ...  How is it that a cup and saucer can  inspire a person’s  Springtime imagination. ( SIGH)

I just want to “ HUG” and "SNIFF"the floral pattern that cascade throughout this porcelain ( Ha ha) ... It’s one of my favourites.
Come on Ladies, let’s get to brewing ... Are you ready for a Earl Grey Tea Latte?
All we need is a kettle and maybe a blender to make a surprisingly delicious latte.
It only has a few ingredients.

                                                           Here is  “MY” recipe

                                                 Fill your pot with boiling water

                            Two bags or 3 tsps of Earl Grey Tea
                                          Steep for 6 minutes

                                                  "  SECRET INGREDIENT "

                                    ADD... 1/2 tsps  of  lavender blossoms

                          ( It truly makes ALL the difference)
                                             STRAIN the tea
                                                   Add milk

                                                                  ENJOY !!!
  However, you may be a “ Gourmet Gypsy" at heart and          want a sweeter, more diversified blend of flavours in your tea. 

                                                “ OPTIONAL RECIPE"

                            Pour all the( above) tea recipe into a blender

 Add one/two  cups of Milk/creme/almond milk or coconut milk
                                   3 tsps Cocoa powder
                                   2 tbsp Maple Syrup/ honey
                                   1/2 tsp vanilla extract
                                   1 tiny pinch of sea salt
                                 Just right on a wintry day .


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Tuesday, March 6, 2018


Come in ... out of the cold my Friends.

Pull up a chair and settle in for another relaxing teatime. Today, I have chosen a charming but most controversial little teapot from Staffordshire. 

I’m sure you recognize the familiar figure on the pot. It is part of the Sadler collection of Historical Teapots ... Henry the Eight teapot and four of his six wives ... Anne Boleyn, Catherine of Aragon, Anne of Cleves and Jane Seymour are in attendance  ...  the other two wives, I believe, are terribly indisposed.

This is a discontinued, octangular pot that is seven and a half inches wide and six inches high to the top of the gold trimmed lid. It is a small unique two cupper, which I love to use on  snowy days. 

Well, with the ‘King" comes his most beloved creature ... Look, who is peeking into my windows ...  Often, a herd of twelve White-Tailed Deer travel down our hills, but this young fellow must have known that it was teatime. Look at that white-tail ... Isn’t he lovely !!!

Sadly, the white-tailed deer sometimes have difficulty surviving winter, particularly if the snow is deep, so I really don’t mind         them staring and nibbling the young shoots in the back bush. 
 Their wintry visits seem a blessing to me. Should we invite him in for a cup of tea? Chances are that he wouldn’t be too impressed with our brewing bouquet.( Ha Ha)

                                       Come Ladies  ...  
Take a gander at what I found in the back of the cupboard. 

          Don’t you think that the white design resembles the 
                                           deer’s tail ?                

I must say, that this teaset is a pleasure to drink from, as the cup is very deep and high .... ( Ting-a-ling)...You could ring it like a bell if it was turned upside-down( ha ha)


No ... This is not your normal pretty looking “ Windsor " pattern. The design has a strong male presence, which is quite befitting for the King Henry teapot and our white-tailed Friend. Infact, I am feeling quite attracted to the white flourishes of energy that electrify this saucer. 
It seems to have “ HIGH SPIRIT" like the deer that dashes away, in leaps and bounds.

Nibble, nibble, nibble .... sweet woodland creature ,

              while we have a cup of soothing chamomile tea.

I do enjoy the mellow ambience and sweet taste of this tea on such a cold and wintry day.

  I was all set to share a book with you, but the wildlife has      completely taken over our teatime ladies ... Maybe we should drink up and go for a brisk walk through the woods!!!

On second thought ... Br-r-r-r ...  Let's stay put and enjoy one another,  a little longer. We can appreciate the view from the inside. 

LOOK at that cheeky little face!!! Ha ha

This has been a thrilling teatime adventure and I’m so happy that  you took the time to follow along the snowy
path for a cup of tea with me. 

There’s no need to hurry.
 ENJOY your brew
 the scenery.

The sleigh is prepared for your journey home.
Don’t Worry
Be Happy

Stopping By the Woods on a Snowy Evening 
By Robert Frost

Whose woods these are I think I know.
His house is in the village though;
He will not see me stopping here
To watch his wood fill up with snow.

My little horse must think it queer
To stop without a farmhouse near
Between the woods and frozen lake
The darkest evening of the year.

He gives his harness bells a shake
To ask if there is some mistake.
The only other sound’s the sweep
Of easy wind and downy flake.

The woods are lovely, dark and deep,
But I have promises to keep,
And miles to go before I sleep,
And miles to go before I sleep.

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Monday, February 26, 2018


WELCOME  to teatime ...  Today, I am contemplating my Mother's  Birthday which is February the  twenty-sixth.  In her honour,  I have chosen to drink some traditional tea  from one of her favourite tea cups.

Here it is ...  a pretty pink set that is “crazed" with lots of tea sipping love. I guess “ crazing" makes the heart grow fonder( ha ha) because I love drinking my morning tea from it too.
Crazing is a network of fine lines and cracks  that appear on the glazed surface of some china. Often, it develops during firing or through years of usage and extreme temperatures ... like hot and cold. In this case, I think it adds charm to the term "vintage”. 

I researched the trademark and discovered that mom’s set is  part of the Royal Leighton 
 collection ( 1946-54) in England .  It’s notable characteristics are the thickness of the ceramic  ... even the handle and the cups' lower rim reflects a much heavier pottery than normal. Maybe, that it why it has endured the test of time.

 I love the nosegay of roses that encircle the centre of saucer.
Don’t you think that the pattern is  reminescent of a chintz ?

Chintz or not , the teaset is a brilliant old girl that seems to perk me up , so  I thought that a traditional English Tea would  compliment it nicely. Of course, I did imagined that maybe, my  Scottish Granny might have used a similar blend of tea, in a tea bag many years ago ... BUT ... Did they have teabags then?
 ( Ha Ha)

WELL ... If there is anyone who knows how to make tea, it is the British. Funnily enough, I started to question myself about brewing tea ....  Do I pour the tea over the bag or do I simply drop the teabag into the already filled cup? 
Does anyone know  how long a pot of tea should steep it for  ?


 GOODNESS ... I even wondered, if I should squeeze the teabags with a spoon when it was finished steeping? 

 Believe it or not, there is a right way and a wrong way of making tea, so I asked my ninety-five year old mother, Gracie.

She mentioned, that if you steep it properly, the tea would be mellow and the flavour would shine through, but if you do it wrong, the tea will would be terribly bitter.

After doing a little research, I found what might be a  perfect way of brewing 
"English” tea. 
First boil the water. Add one teabag for every three and half ounces of water. A seven-ounce teacup  should be made with TWO teabags. When the water is between 140 and 185 degrees, you can pour it over the teabags and steep it for approximately five to six minutes. 


REMOVE the teabags and DON'T squeeze it. Now, you can pour it into your favourite teacup and add milk if you wish. The tea should be strong but not bitter ...  hot but not scorching and 
perfect with some tasty scones.


OK, Ladies  “ LET’S HAVE  TEA !!!!

ENJOY !!!!

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